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Standard MLS Photography
Glenn Pearson, the owner of Pearson Photography, is a licensed Realtor in Utah, and MLS photography is where he got his start. Needless to say, MLS photos are our bread and butter, and we have done more than we can count. We provide at least one photo for every room in the house. Main living areas, such as kitchens and living and family rooms, get two or more angles. The master bedroom also gets at least two to three angles, depending on the room. We don't limit the number of photos you receive. For a 3000 SQFT home, you should expect 30-40 images. The standard cost for full HD, HDR wide angle images is $.05 per foot. If you have a 3000 SQFT home, the price would be $150
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Professional Aerial Photos
Glenn is a licensed commercial drone pilot. He has been flying drones since 2013 and has been doing aerial photography since 2014. The cost, when added onto a standard MLS package is $50. The standalone cost is $125.

Special Requests and Circumstances:
Pearson Photography will honor special requests and work with unique circumstances. There may be an extra charge depending on the request. This will be negotiated and a quote given at the time.